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Abc Fresh Fish

Abc Fresh Fish



Abc Fresh Fish

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Fresh Fish export Morocco

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fresh fish from morocco ABELTA is a young fresh fish Exporter company from morocco , focused on Exporting various kind of fish product for the world market, specialized in processing and exporting fresh fish for the world market over 10 years We are Supplying mostly to European union , USA, Russia, Dubai, etc .All our exports products are verified and certified by the local government , Today we covers an export list of more than 40 Products of Fresh fish Seafood and Aquatic Products like Bass Black Bream , White bream , Common pandora goliath grouper Cutlassfish Atlantic Cuttlefish Common dew Sepia Many years of experience have made our company one of Moroccan largest exporters of fresh fish by air where quality and reliability are keywords. A wide variety of fresh seafood products are exported by air for freshness on a daily basis, to the European continent There are wide range of top-quality species from the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, including Dentex (dentex vylgaris) Denton comun / CHAMA Cuttlefish (sepia orbignyana) Choco /Sepia Sole (solea vulgaris) leguado /sole Pandora (pagellus erythrinus) Breca / BREKA Sea bream (pargus pargus) Pargo / PAGEOT gilt head Sea bream (sparus aurata) Dorada / DORADE ROYALE large dentex (Dentex Gibbosus) SAMA / CHAMA Eel (conger conger) Congrio white Bream (Diplodus Sargus) Sargo / SAR John dory (Zeus Faber) Pez de San Pedro / ST.PIERRE Red mullet( Mullus Surmuletus) Salmonete de Roca ROUGET BLUESPOTTED SEA BREAM SPARUS CAERULEOSTICS PAGRE Tuna bonito (Sarda Sarda) Sarda Red scorpion fish (Scorpaena Scrofa) Rascacio RASCASSE Skate (Dipturus batis) Raya BLACKSPOT SEA BREAM (PAGELLUS BOGARAVEO) DORADE Packing of fresh fish is in styrofoam boxes in various quantity in boxes, all range is possible from 3kg to 30kg. Strict quality measures are both for own plant and products from other processors. The company sets own specification for processing, based on the buyers demands and has the possibilites of products from up to 40 processors in all kinds of processing Our Quality is 100% Assured and we are satisfying all of our Buyers , E.U Approved and FDA food facility Approved Not only our products are high quality ones but our prices are very attractive too

Company Name : Abc Fresh Fish


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