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Sensors India

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Sensors India

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testing devices

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Sensors india is 23 year old organisation and assisting industry for development of their products thru lots of r&d work Accessibility test probes Ball pressure test with oven Cord guard flexing apparatus Cord guard& cord pull test Calibration bath Drop test apparatus H V TESTER Humidity chamber Heating mentle Impact test apparatus Ignition test apparatus Inclind plane Salt spray chamber Endurance for door, hinge Voltage tester as other Opening& closing per astm For plastics, for refrigera- Tors as per polyester, films Etc. Astm, jig Petroleum testing Instruments Photometric integrator Lamp cap temperature Rise test appliances Life test quantity apparatus For gls& other type of Lamps Microprocessor based photo- Gonio meter. D. C. Regulated power supply 28 day test apparatus As per is:8828:1996 Accessibility test Alongwith test probe M. C. B. Time delay test Thermal stability test apparatus Multi shell ageing oven Oxygen index apparatus Ultra-violet lamp as per astm g:53 Water bath

Company Name : Sensors India


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