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BL-PT5W - Jan, 14 2013

Intensifying electric power shortage
What's your family's countermeasure?


Model No. BL-PT5W
Power Consumption : 4W
Lamp LED 0.2W x 15EA
Voltage AC 100~220V/50-60Hz
Size Ø6.3 x 104-145mm(Diameter of the lamp x high)
Color : White
Increasing anxiety for a Massive Blackout due to electric power shortage!!
Since the occurrence of massive blackout in September 2011, rumors about increase in electricity costs and reoccurrence of massive blackout in the city are rising due to continual problem in power supply.
Constant increase in use of electricity is unavoidable due to global warming, and now it is a time for every family to come up with countermeasures for it.

The INDI-POWER lamp lights up to 8 hours in case of Blackout!

A must-have-item for your family both for times of blackouts, and for normal daily lives -INDI POWER Lamp

Environment-friendly LED lamp
Using environment-friendly materials, it prevents environmental pollution and saves you electricity costs.

Maximum use up to 8 hours without electricity
In regular days, it can be used as a normal lamp in all indoor areas requiring lights, including bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms etc.
It gets recharged while being used, so it case of Blackout, it lights up the whole house for enough hours.

Portable Multi-function Lamp
Very convenient as it can be used as a normal lantern when taken out from the socket.

Premium Edition

DC5VmA Adapter + USB Cable + Bicycle holder + Ring used in a tent

Company Name : BELLALUCE