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Buy pvc tape non adhesive - May, 12 2015

Bopp tape Manufacturers , China bopp tape wholesale, custom printed tape. To ensure the environmental requirements, Huasheng cement in belt straight points with a high efficiency bag filter, avoid material transport in dust, rain and sun set with a protective cover on the bopp tape machine. In less than nine years of development, Hainan Huasheng cement industry has won a number of "first" and "only": cement clinker exported to Spain, setting a historical Hainan cement industry exports; investment launched cogeneration projects, but also the country cement industry's second official from the United Nations CERs CDM project (certified emission reductions) issued, reducing energy consumption, but also reduce the pollution of the environment, with significant energy saving effect; in the country take the lead in the Nissan 5000 tons of cement production lines using low calorie anthracite breakthrough; Company production of "End of the World" brand cement, the cement industry in Hainan in 2006 only national-free products.

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