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Shenzhen Lianxintai Technology Co.,LTD

Shenzhen Lianxintai Technology Co.,LTD



Shenzhen Lianxintai Technology Co., LTD

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Production ability Letine facilities are located in the Pearl River Delta where 70 percent of the world's computer products are sourced. This means we have easy access to raw materials and technological resources. Our four fully automated SMT production turn out more than 80, 000 units every month. We accept orders for as small as MOQ 100 motherboards For orders over 3, 000 units, we offer free customized packaging Technology support Letine invested more than 0.5 percent of our annual sales each year in R&D development. Shenzhen Association of Enterprises chose our company as "Top 300 Enterprises with the Most Developed Potentiality in Shenzhen" in 2002. With technology support from Intel, VIA and Nvidia, more overseas buyers are relying on our product quality. Our products are suitable for market demand with the steady performance and the higher performance-price ratio.

Company Name : Shenzhen Lianxintai Technology Co.,LTD


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