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Brief Overview Raz N Daz is created by Deoun Holoman and wife Sheree Holoman in 2012. Raz N Daz is inspired by our three children Riah, Akirah, and Ziah. Our children are not only the inspiration for Raz N Daz, they are the name and faces of the company. Raz N Daz is basically an upper casual clothing store that changes our inventory periodically to give customers variety throughout the seasons instead of the same thing. Clothing is something our family has in common. We all share different styles and unique ideas of how to put outfits together as well as putting inventory together. We believe that our individuality, customer satisfaction, and driven attitudes will play a major role for the future of Raz N Daz. Brief History Raz N Daz history started in 2010 from a thought and a dream. We know if we were to do this, it would be named after our three children. Putting a name together that consist of our children names was a task in itself. After a series of wild and long names, initials seemed like the suitable choice. R.A.Z is what we came up with after putting together the initials of our children from oldest to youngest. Later, it was time to put Riah, Akirah, and Ziah in a unique way to come up with a name for our business. The first name of the business was RAZ fashions. We stuck with this name for a couple of months to only change the name to Raz Trend Designs. The name Raz Trend Designs was a good name but we wanted to simplify things. The name of the business had to be simple and something that we was not willing to change. RAZ N DAZ was simple enough and a name that we was not willing to change. RAZ N DAZ was designed to be an urban street wear store. Later, the thought of being just another store carrying the same styles as every other retail store was not the way to go. Our store was intended to be unique and set off a wow experience. Upper casual wear was the next thing that came to mind. The idea was not only unique, but it will set us apart from what the other retail stores had to offer, and will have our customers really step with style. Since we are aware that styles change, we provide our customers with a change of inventory periodically to allow them to flow with the changes of the fashion world. In addition, provide more variety with the understanding that RAZ N DAZ will not leave you stuck with the same products all the time. The excitement of finding out what RAZ N DAZ has to offer on your next visit online is another feature that is rare to find with your typical retailers. In the future RAZ N DAZ will provide shoes and accessories to accommodate our customers every need for fashion. We will eventually carry boys and girls sizes in clothing, shoes, and accessories. Franchising is definitely in our future. Even when we decide to franchise, we will still have our online store so everyone across the United States and beyond could still enjoy the wow experience of RAZ N DAZ.

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