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Kale Kimya Group

Kale Kimya Group



Kale Kimya Group

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Cosmetic, detergent, food, adhesive, pharma, water, textile

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ROM PAST TO PRESENT KALE KIMYA GROUP... Kale Kimya Group had been founded by Chemical Engineer Kazım Kaleagasi in 1975. The first company of the group is called Kale Kimya AS and now it is composed of five companies and continues its activities in Cosmetics, Detergent, Pharmaceutical, Food, Textile, Adhesives, Metal and Pool chemicals. Kale Kimya AS, which had cooperated with Turk Henkel since its establishment, has joined with Tekpar A.S. in 1985 to expand the range of products. It has ended this cooperation after the Turkey became a member of the European Custom Union due to increasing competition in the market. Today we are exclusively representing worldwide companies that are specialized in their field. The sister company BMT Ltd. has been established in 2001 to serve in the Turkish Food Industry. In 2002, TeqChem Company has been established in Istanbul Catalca Free Zone Trade Area in order to expand our operations in export markets. Since 2002, the group companies target to transfer its 30-year Turkish Industry experiences to Turkish Republics and want to expand chemical industry in these regions. In 2004, after gathering all the members of the group under KALE KIMYA GROUP name, the marketing departments of each company continue to be independent whereas the organizations of logistics and finance are followed by the headquarter. * Kale Kimya A.S.; Industrial, Water and Metal Chemicals, Adhesives * Tekpar A.S.; Cosmetic, Detergent, Pharmaceutical and General Chemicals * BMT Ltd.; Food Chemicals and additives * TeqChem Kollektif Şirketi; Free zone Trade Activities The group, established and focused on a technical service oriented marketing, has the ability to give detailed technical service to different sectors with its specialized engineer team. Organizing seminars every year for different sectors helped the customers to have the opportunity to exchange information among the Turkish industry and global chemical industry. As being the first ISO 9001 quality certified distributor in Turkey, Kale Kimya Group had certified its quality after 30 years service to the Turkish Chemical Industry. It obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certificate by TUV Management Service at September 2002. Having 50 people in the team and currently operation in 12.000 m2 covered warehouse in Şekerpınar – Gebze.

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