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Lumsail Industrial Inc.

Lumsail Industrial Inc.



Lumsail Industrial Inc.

Keywords :

laboratory equipments, beauty equipments, medical equipments, educational equipments

Description :

Lumsail is a world class supplier in the design and produce laboratory equipments and educational equipments. Lumsail Industrial Inc. has been devoted to supplying laboratory, beauty and medical equipments to customers all world wide, including co-operations in ODM/OEM and also official orders. It has set up a solid product ananlysis group and stock team, which helps mostly meets the requirements from customers in details, and to supply the best products with reasonable price. The aesthetic and beauty equipment department of Lumsail Industrial company prides itself on bringing values to our sincere clients with quality equipment at competitive price. The beauty equipment covers from skin & body composition analysis, laser and IPL based skin lesions treatment system, cold light LED phototherapy & PDT (photodynamic therapy) system, laser hair restoration apparatus, radiofrequency skin tightening aesthetic system, HF telangiectasia removal, radio shockwave therapy system, derma roller devices, breast care and enhancer system, vacuum based body contouring and reshaping system, cryolipolysis fat freezing and body sculpting system, ultrasonic cavitation system, Galvanic micro-current skin care devices, and personal handheld beauty devices, etc. The laboratory department of Lumsail Industrial is much experienced in providing menu-style total solutions of labwares for laboratories in clinics and hospitals, firms, colleges or research centers, and our professors would like to help customers make correct decisions to choose the most suitable equipments according to customers' specifications with reasonable price. Our products include balances, biochemistry instrument, pH meters, petroleum analysis, ultrasonic humidifier, viscometer, water purifying system, etc. We provide good quality laboratory equipments, as well as competitive price. The medical department of Lumsail Industrial works hard to meet the requirements by our sincere customers, and the product ranged from dermatological equipments and instruments, plastic surgery equipments, dentistry laser and instruments, gynecology equipments, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, general surgical, etc. We supplied menu style solutions for our customers, and also provide services as total solutions include help customers set up new hospitals and clinics departments, planning new diagnosis or operation room, and provide full set devices/equipments. We also help customers win government tenders. The product development department takes the responsibility of new technology and new product research and development, and help customers to customize their products based on specific requirements. We also provide OEM/ODM service for distributors, helping them develop their local markets.

Company Name : Lumsail Industrial Inc.


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