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Adolf Family Decor

Adolf Family Decor



Adolf Family Decor

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Juju Hats,Bamileke Cameroon Origin.All the way from Africa,the striking Bamileke feather headdress is handmade by local tribes.

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Transforming natural resources into cultural products has been going on in our center since the arrival of the first people.The Cameroon inhabitants lived a life empowered by craft.Everything from their houses, tools and weapons, to canoes, calabash, pots, idols and effigies all came from the environment in which they lived.A few of the ancient Cameroon crafts survived into the new order of Africans.Basketry techniques, seed decorations, calabash carving and ceramic skills of the Bamileke's attest to this and give evidence that craft knowledge never dies completely.During the plantation period many of life's necessary equipment was crafted in the tribe, blending African heritages.African crafts were reborn with the use and decoration of calabash water bottles and bowls as well as spoons, drums and other musical instruments.In the fields the need to transport produce and fruits made basketry part of daily life and hats made out of platted palms were an essential element of outdoor work, as was the making of clothing and dolls at home.Adolf Family Decor is blessed with some of the best basket making materials in the Region.So thankfully our craft has survived to the next generation.With baskets now fetching upward per piece, it might be time for some more of the youths to consider learning the trade.Our center is not just as a means of preserving cultural identity but also as a valid income generator for the youth.The economic principles of Adolf Family Decor are simple, Fair Trade, scarcity creates value and value creates opportunity.

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