Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery

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Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery

Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery



Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery

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wood pellet mill

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Anyang Gemco Energy Machinery CO. , Ltd is a highly advanced company that devotes itself to the development of environmental-protection, energy-savings, and green energy sources. We are located in the new High Technology’s Industrialization zone in Henan, China, which is superior in its geographical location and is convenient for transportation. Our company has built our own R&D center and maintains relationships with many other R&D units and higher institutions. After years of development, we have formed a comprehensive business pattern for project-design, new-product research, machinery manufacturing, installation and debugging, technical training and after-sales service. Furthermore, we have passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality standard certification and CE certification. We have obtained the import and export enterprise qualification certificates of PRC awarded by COFTEC and received the independent right to export. The machinery and complete plants our company exports cover the field of biomass energy, grain and oil products, and animal feed, etc. Our autonomously-developed biomass pellet mills have the advantages of low energy consumption, easy maintenance, and high performance results. Life of spare parts last twice as long as those of our competitors due to our patent technology. We perform well in the domestic market as well as in 50 countries and regions around the world. We have received positive feedback from our current customers about our products. As global energy is becoming exhausted and environmental protection is becoming more of a concern, biomass energy has become a foreground replacement because of its advantages which include low carbon output, environmental protection, and renewable utilization. With its uprising, economic growth will be higher and new job opportunities will arise. Anyang Gemco Energy Machinery CO. Ltd devotes itself to biomass energy extension and developments to benefit people and the earth.

Company Name : Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery


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