Beacon Gear Transmissions (P) Ltd

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Beacon Gear Transmissions (P) Ltd

Beacon Gear Transmissions (P) Ltd



Beacon Gear Transmissions (P) Ltd

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Manufacturer of Planetary Gear Boxes and Planetary Geared Motor

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GENERAL Beacon Gear Transmissions (P) Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer of Planetary Gear Drives in India . Our unit is situated at Old MIDC Satara (Maharashtra). We have been persistent in pursing Design and Development, Research, Technical innovation. We have owed Planetary products such as Mini Planetary, Flange Mounted Planetary Gear Box, Foot Mounted Planetary Gear Box, Planetary Geared Motor, Planetary - Bevel Gear Drive, Planetary – Helical Gear Drive, Planetary – Worm Gear Drive, Planetary Winch Drive, Planetary Slew Drive, Planetary Sugar Crystallizer Drive, Planetary Creep Drive The Planetary gearing configuration of a Sun Gear and three more Planets does offer exciting new design engineering possibilities, borne of its ability to deliver high torque capacities, high reduction ratios and efficiency in a compact modular package. The planet wheels in these gearboxes are generally set 120 degrees apart, leading to 'load equilibrium' and thus resulting in a balanced or 'zero force' within the geared components. This further results in very low wear and high shock loading capacity. Another advantage of the planetary gearbox arrangement is load distribution. Because the load being transmitted is shared between multiple planets, torque capability is greatly increased. The more planets in the system, the greater load ability and the higher the torque density. FEATURES This gearbox offers many advantages as compared to other types of gearbox. • Higher torque to weight ratio • Low backlash • Compact size • Less weight • High cyclic and radial load carrying capacity • Improved efficiency • Modular construction allowing assembly in several stages • Greater resistance to shock • Improved lubrication • APPLICATIONS This special type of gearbox is commonly used in a number of industries including : • Wind turbines • Power industry • Sugar industry • Automotive industry • Material handling equipment • Medical equipment • Robotics machinery • Aviation equipment • Packaging equipment MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION Sun Gear and Planets : Sun Gears and Planets are made from high alloy steel and heat treated for Case Carburising and hardening. Planet bores are ground in order to achieve desired tolerance Ring Gears : Ring Gears are made from high alloy steel and Toughened to absorb impact loads . Planet Carriers: Planet Carriers are made from high alloy steel casting or forging or bars Input and Output Shaft: Shafts are made from high alloy steel and toughened to achieve strength. Casing Housing: Casings are made of Graded Cast Iron, Cast Steel LUBRICATION Planetary Gear Boxes are suitable for Oil Temp between -20º to 90º C. Lower than-20ºC OR above 90º C, we recommend special Oils and Oil Seals. Lubricant recommended for Indian ambient temperatures of 40º is Gear Oil, EP220 (ISO VG 220) ISO 3448. For High Speed and Power applications contact Factory. Oil change must be carried out after first 100/ 150 hours operation and subsequently after every 2500 hours or at least 12 months. These conditions may be modified depending upon the actual working condition. Do not mix oils of different types even of same make. Never mix synthetic and mineral oils TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS • Reduction Ratio : 3 to 100000 : 1 • Rated Torque : 0.5 Kg-m to 145000 Kg-m • Input Power 0.25 HP to 300 HP • Input Speed – 1440 RPM, 960 RPM, 720 RPM • Prime Mover – Electric Motor, Hydraulic Motor • Input Type – Free Input, Hollow Input, Spline Shaft • Output Type – Free Output, Hollow Output, Spline Shaft • Mounting – Foot Type, Flange Type, Agitator Type, Shaft Mounted

Company Name : Beacon Gear Transmissions (P) Ltd


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