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Nox India Corporation

Nox India Corporation



Nox India Corporation

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Description :

We are an ISO 9001:2008 and CE certified manufacturer and Exporter Company for ophthalmic (eye) medical equipment and instrument since 1987. We are manufacturing diagnostic and operative (surgical) instruments our ranges of product are as under: Equipments: 1: Ophthalmic Refraction chair unit. 2: Operation table. 3: Equipment table motorized. 4: Surgical chair motorized. 5: Operation table motorized. 6: Vision testing equipments like:- 1. Vision drum 2. Trial lens sets 3. Trail frame, etc. 7: Micro surgical instruments:- 1. Stainless steel instrument for catract - phaco squient etc. 2. Titanium instrument :- By manual I/A systems and other micro instrument. 8: Micro surgical blade. 9: Instrument trolley. ophthalmic blades like : KARATOME BLADES: 2. 2MM, 2. 5MM, 2. 85MM, 3. 0MM, 3. 2MM, 3. 5MM, MVR BLADE: 19G, 20. 0G, 24. 0G, CRESCENT B. UP-2. 5MM, 3. 0MM, LANCE BLADE; 15, 30, 45DEG Our products are exported to many countries: USA, Canada, UAE, Other Asian Countries Malaysia, and Sri Lanka etc. Note : we offer buyer label, OEM, Contract Manufacturing.

Company Name : Nox India Corporation


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