zhoushan shenglong machinery co.,ltd

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zhoushan shenglong machinery co.,ltd

zhoushan shenglong machinery co.,ltd



zhoushan shenglong machinery co., ltd

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Zhoushan Shenglong Machinery Co., Ltd specialized in design and manufacture of a full series of screws and barrels, applied for various extruding machines and plastic injection molding machines. In addition, we also design and manufacture screws with special alloys and special flight geometry to meet specific customer applications. We not only offer the best possible screws and barrels, but also provide solutions to help customers solve extruding and injection molding problems. We have outstanding theoretical background and practical experience, providing optimum designs of screws and barrrels for our customers. Our engineers conduct thorough analysis according to customer's machine model, production capacity required and resin properies before design. All related parameters that may affect screw performance are designed based on theorem, such as screw type, L/D ratio, flight depth, flight density, helix angle and so on. This outstanding design capability will ensure Shenglong's screws and barrels help customers upgrade product quality and production efficiency. 100% Quality Inspection As the screw and barrel are critical parts for an extruding machine and injection molding machine, they dramatically affect the machine performance and product quality. Therefore, we dedicated to providing the best possible quality of screws and barrels for our customers. Shenglong Machinery quality control department conduct incoming inspections, on-process inspections and final product inspections. What we do is to guarantee the highest level of quality for each screw and barrel from shenglong machinery. Furthermore, we have been fully recognized by numerous world-famous companies, which offer an approval of Shenglong Machinery's efforts in quality control.

Company Name : zhoushan shenglong machinery co.,ltd


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