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JOYO Technology Co., Ltd.

JOYO Technology Co., Ltd.



JOYO Technology Co., Ltd.

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EH860,EH850,EH840,Hardness Tester

Description :

EH860, EH850, EH840 Portable Leeb Hardness Tester is a new portable hardness tester, it is used by fast hardness testing of metal material that has specialties of accurately testing, small bulk, simple operation, convenience take, long use time, extensive measure area. It is propitious to hardness testing for large assembly and cannot strip assembly. It according to Leeb Hardness as elements that can convenient process measure for metal material and can free transition between different hardness. Product adopt occlude crust of metal that is firm and has excellent capacities of contradict magnetic field, contradict vibrancy and anti-jamming. It has advance steady COMS chip of war industry and large screen display that can collocate multifarious support ring to settle for diversified condition and environment of testing. It can equip any Special-shaped impact setting that sensor dispense with adjust and automatism identify. Mini-type portable printer time is150 hours of stay machine, mainframe has port of RS232 that can convenient process data exchange and parameter enactment with computer, 2AA Alkaline batteries for power supply that replacing is more neatly. It equip special instrument box of high intention, contradict impact, strong airproof waterproof, dampproof, dustproof, antisepsis that adapt to condition is execrable field to working.

Company Name : JOYO Technology Co., Ltd.


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