Tuoxing Precision Casting Co.,ltd.

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Tuoxing Precision Casting Co.,ltd.

Tuoxing Precision Casting Co.,ltd.



Tuoxing Precision Casting Co., ltd.

Keywords :

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Description :

We produce all kinds of auger bits, auger drilling bits, doundation drilling, rock drilling tools, excavator parts, ground engaging tools, earthmoving equipments, construction equipments, heavy machinery parts, scarifier shank, earthmoving equipments, earthmoving parts, replacement products, casted tips, casted teeth, casted adapter, cutting edge, end bit, customer design cast part, mining machine parts, cutter, blade, sider cutter, Namely: 1U3202WT, 1U3202T, 1U3202, 1U3201, 1U3201P, 8J7525, 4T1204, 8E2184, 9J4207, 6Y3222, 6Y3224, 9N4253, 1U3252T, 1U3252WT, 1U3251, 1U3252, 1U3252RC, 3G4258, 3G4259, 3G8250, 1U1254, 1U0257, 6I9250, 6I9251, 4S7928, 6Y3254, 9N4302, 9N4303, 1U3302WTL, 1U3301, 1U3302, 1U3302P, 1U3302SYL, 1U3302RC, 1U3302FT, 1U3302TL, 3G6304, 3G6306, 3G6305, 3G5307, 1U1304, 1U0307, 3G4309, 3G4308, 8E5308, 8E5309, , 3G8308, , 3G8309, , 9J4309, 9J2307, 9N4352, 9 N4353, 1U3352, 1U3352P, 1U3352RE, 1U3352WT, 1U3351, 4T2353, 1U3352FT, 1U3352RC, 1U352T, 9J4359, 1U1354, 3G8354, 3G8356, 3G8355, 8E5358, 8E5359, 1U1357, 3G5358, 3G5359, 3G7357, 7T3402TL, 7 T3402WT, 7T3402, 7T3402P, 7T3402RC, 8E4402, 7T3402SYL, 6I6404, 6I640, 6I6406, 9W2451, 9W2452, 9N4452, 9N4453, 1U3452WT, 9W8451, 9W8452/1U3452, 9W8452SYL, 9W8452T, 1U3452RC/9W8452RC, 8E3464, 8E6464, 8E6465, 8E6466, 6I6464, 1U3552WT, 9W8, 51, 9W8552 / 1U3552, 9W8559, 9N4552, 138-6552, 1U3552RC, 1U1553, 3G9496, 9W6559, 1U1556, 1U1555, 6Y2553, PC60(2cm), B100, 202-70-12140, 201-70-74171 LH, 201-70-74171 RH, 202-70-63161LH, 202-70-63171 , 205-70-74180, 205-70-74190, PC220-6LR, 207-70-34160, 207-70-34170, BSH-B501LR/4006, 21SYL, 27VIP, 27TVIP, 27SYL, 37VIP, 37TVIP, 37SYL, 47VIP, 4044339, 4038210, 4038223, 4038, 08, 47SYL, 2713Y1222, BF02P, AF02L, 4046729, 4044388, 4047166, 4046816, 6254673, 4047167 , (31102), 4046797, 6254675, 3031537(32101), 4046819, 6254677, 3031539(33102), 4046862, 6254682, 4046818, 4046799, , 3S3228, 3S3225, 230S, 2300, 2300FL, 127*290 adapter, 153*310 adapter, 158*290 adapter, 158*330 adapter, 109*220 adapter, 802*400 adapter, 940*370 adapter, 303*450 adapter, 940*410 adapter, , X400 , X330, X310, X290, X370, x410, x500x156L, x160L, 835*156, 658*160, 555, 2740*555, 23T, 23F, 100C, 100RH, 100LH, 3000LH, 3000RH, 3000RC, 3010LWN, 3010RWN, 3010WNRC, 4000LH, 4000RH, 010WNL, 4010WNR, 400LH, 400RH, 400C, 4v-3851, 4v-0668, AF02RC, 1171-00041 / 544, 1171-00031 , /1170-01620, 1171-00171, 1171-01910, 1171-01900, V290, T55GP, V0406, CE460 , E460, BF01P, AF01L, SK200 LR, 2412-289011 , 3T1218, 3T1220, 2071-9042, 2713-9037, 713-00033 5.0, 713-00033 5.5, 2713-1237 5.5, 2713-12375.0, 47TVIP, 57VIP, 57TVIP, TB00282, TC00594, TB00594U, TB00147, 2713Y1221, 2713Y1217, 2713Y1217RC, 2713Y1219, 2713Y1219RC, 2713-9041, 2713-9041RC, 2713-9038, 2713-9038RC, 713-00032, 713-00032RC, 2713-1236, TB00267, TB00705 ADAPTER, TB00705, U43792 , TB00384A, TB00394, 23574, (EX60), TF-23, HC00002, BU-0H20001, BU-0630303, BU-0630302, 531-03205HD, 57SYL, 18S, 22S, 25S , 30S , 35S , 40S , 45S, 23WT, 23ST, 23T, 23F, , 23, 18TL, PDE31329, ADAPTER FOR 18S, ADAPTER FOR 25S, ADAPTER FOR 22S, ADAPTER FOR 30S, ADAPTER FOR 35S, ADAPTER FOR 40S, ADAPTER FOR 45S, 205-70-7-F02MMI, 205-939-7120(3.0cm), 205-939-7120 (3.5cm), 205-939-7120(4cm), 205-939-7120 (4.5cm) , 934-2211(4cm), 934-2211(4.5cm), FH205-70-5120(4cm), FH205-70-5120(4.5, m), FH205-70-5120(5cm), FH205-70-5120(5.5cm), 207-939-5120 (3.5) , 207-939-5120 (4) , 207-939-5120 , 207-939-5120 (5), 208-939-3120 (5.2), 208-939-3120 (4.8), 208-939-3120 (5.6), 208-939-3120 (6.0), 6I6554, 6I6602A60, A100, 202-70-12130, 205-70-19570B, 205-70-19570C, 195, 0SYL, 205-70-19570RC, 205-70-19570RC-3, 207-70-14151, 207-70-14151RC, 208-70-14152, 208-70-14270, 208-70-14270RC, 290-70-54210, 195-78-21331, 175-78-31230, HWA380, WABL38, , WAB380LR, 6I6602TL, 6I6602WTL, 6I6604, 531.030205, 531.03208, 531.03209, 331/62841, 5J4773, E161-3017, E262-3027, 61ET-0100, 2J3506, HMK-11, HMK-12, HMK-206, E161-3027, E262-, 046, E262-3046RC, 61N8-31310, 61E7-0101, 6Y5230/2D5572, 9F5124, 620064, 6Y0309, 6Y0359, 9J6586, 7J3023, 4J8665, 4S7928, CB 01440140, 4T2303, 4T2253, 4T2203, 4T1204, 4T4307, 096-4747 LH, 096-4748 RH, 7Y0358, 7Y0359,

Company Name : Tuoxing Precision Casting Co.,ltd.


Products of Tuoxing Precision Casting Co.,ltd.

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