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Suitable Pillow Co.,Ltd

Suitable Pillow Co.,Ltd



Suitable Pillow Co., Ltd

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Suitable Co., ltd located in China. We manufacture quality pillows, Chinese herb pillows are the best. . We offer all kinds of herb pillow, plant pillow, healthy pillow. Our products is basic of traditional Chinese medical theory and have the effect of calms nerves, neck relaxant, improving immunity, nose therapy, skin care, sleep safe, calms nerves, improving immunity, health care, blood pressure reducer. We have 300 pillow stores in China. Also offer down pillows, feather pillows, royal pillow bed pillows hotel pillows hospital pillows bed pillows, body pillows, cushions and inserts for decorative pillows pillows, down pillows, body pillows, feather pillows, bed pillows, cushions, sleeping pillows, decorative pillows, goose down pillows. Herb pillow Chinese medicine cure pillow, and nature healthy pillow. Our company includes pillow factory, China medicine product factory and computer-control sewing workshop. We can produce many series of pillows----Chinese herb pillows, baby pillows, bed pillows hotel pillows, cushions, sleeping pillows, decorative pillows down comforters, pillows, bedding sets and so on. The capacity of washed down is about 2, 000 tons per year and the capacity of down products and bedding articles is over 400, 000 pcs per year. Our products sell well in various countries, such as Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the United States, Italy and so on. We have imported computer-control sewing machine, needle detector. In the meantime, we have developed patting machine and cleaning machine together with domestic enterprise. We can say that we have enough ability to produce high quality of many kinds of down products and bedding articles. Taking the aim of "quality is important, reputation is first" and also managing our company with strict system and scientific methods, we gained great reputation at home and abroad. We sincerely welcome international friends establish trade relations with us and achieve brilliant future together. Pillow Bed sheet Bedding set Bedspread Cushion Cushion cover Decorative throw Memory foam pillow Mosquito net Neck pillow Patchwork quilt Pillowcase Quilt Quilt cover Sateen sheet Related categories Pillow Related links Pillow importers Pillow cover importers Pillow case importers Memory foam pillow importers Latex pillow importers Pillow Bath pillow Massage pillow Pillow case Pillow cover China pillow China pillow cover China pillow case China quilt pillow China foam pillow Hong Kong pillow India pillow Pakistan pillow United States pillow Turkey pillow Trade alerts WELCOME TO SUITABLE, WELCOME TO CHINA.

Company Name : Suitable Pillow Co.,Ltd


Products of Suitable Pillow Co.,Ltd

buckwheat hull health pillow

buckwheat hull
health pillow
cherry stone health pillow

cherry stone health

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