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Biochemistry Reagents, Immunology Reagents, Serum product series, HIV TEST---SERUM / WHOLE BLOOD / SALIVA

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Biosino Biotechnology Company Ltd is a high-technology enterprise whose major national controlling stakeholders comprise the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Municipal Government and Shanghai Municipal Government. Through the development, production and retail of diagnostic products, Biosino has become the largest manufacturer of diagnostic biochemical assay kits in China. Formerly established in 1988 as Beijing Zhong Sheng Bio-engineering High Technology Company, it was a national enterprise under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics. In 2001, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics backed the re-launch of the company. With investment from Chuangkou Enterprises in Hong Kong owned by Beijing Municipal Government and from Shanghai Municipal Government's Lianchuang Investment Company, together with a new name, Biosino Biotechnology Company Ltd. was established. Since its inception, Biosino has taken the lead within China in creating a series of mono- and double- reagent diagnostic products, successfully developing a series of more than 90 assay sets directed at conditions such as hepatitis, coronary artery disease, diabetes and hyperlipidemia. Our series of over 200 standard mono- and double- reagent diagnostic tests has been consistently recognized over the years to be a leading product from the Beijing New Technology Pilot Industrial Development Zone. What is more, our enterprise has been listed as one of the top 50 "New Technology Tigers", achieving recognition for our products as a famous brand nationally. In 1989, our series of diagnostic chemical assay kits won the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Science and Technology Award (3rd level) and the Development Zone's Outstanding Achievement Award. In 1993, Biosino became the first company in China to produce double-reagents for use in automated equipment, gaining national recognition for reagents approved for use with the Hitachi fully automated biochemical analyzer. Biosino's double-reagent products are now well established and widely used with Hitachi, Olympus, Beckman and other such analyzers, used in major centers and well-received by customers. With over a dozen years of development, Biosino's products are now promoted by over 500 agents and retailers, occupy 75% of the market and enjoy a retail network that covers the whole country. The company has built a new factory, strictly in accordance with GMP standards, which boasts the best facilities in China. Using advanced international production technology and management models, we have achieved a microcomputer-controlled, automated biochemical technology production system. In 2002, the company passed the ISO9001 quality inspection. Ever since it was founded, the company has always maintained its healthy momentum towards continued development, annual growth and stable expansion in marketing, becoming one of the leading names in biomedical enterprise at the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as in Beijing.

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