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Huifengjin Industry company

Huifengjin Industry company



Huifengjin Industry company

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The Shenzhen Huifenggold industry Limited company, was located in Shenzhen Shatoujiao Pacific Ocean industrial district, the company is founded in 2003 is a product development with the production, the sale and the coordinated process enterprise, the specialized research the serial products of kaleidoscopes . The company has the consummation quality control system, according to system execution production strictly.Ample funds, well appointed, has the experienced in each kind of handicraft and the accessories process technology, and has one batch always pay attention to the world fashion, the popular tide, the literacy rich in the production, design and management specialized outstanding and talented person, designs the fashion and popular accessories carefully, the sales promotion of handicraft, clothing fitting and the accessories fitting and so on in high-grade product .With the popular now is necessary, the high grade character andand " take honest as the books, humanist " the management attitude has won the domestic and foreign purchasing agent's attention and the favor.At present stage, while the company expanded production scale's, introduces the advanced management idea and the outstanding managerial talent positively diligently, make the company and the international trail connection, takes the road of brand management .Develops diligently, weed the old to bring the new, creates the brand by the quality, promotes the leader to play the part of the tidal current new product unceasingly.This company take “the development innovation, the first-grade quality, the high-quality service” as an objective, has received the general customers the commendation, the product sells in distant markets various countries and the area and so on national each big or small towns and citiesin Europe, North America, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, South Korea and Japan, Middle East, South America.The company all endeavor, by innovates unceasingly, develops the market, the honest code of honor, offers mutual benefit and achieves common progress the management idea, receives more and more high praises and the approval from the domestics and foreign merchants.The new century, the new friend, the new opportunity, we are expecting more and more business's participations and supports.

Company Name : Huifengjin Industry company


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