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Power Stations Limited

Power Stations Limited



Power Stations Limited

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23A 27A CR2025 CR425 BR435 LR50 LR61 LR03 6F22

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Power Stations Limited MANY YEARS EXPERIENCE IN BATTERY MANUFACTURING Established in 2002, we have devoted over 5 years in marketing & product development in battery field. Equipped with professional manpower as well as advanced production facilities, we are your reliable partner for battery supply WIDE VARIETY Power Stations brand represents a comprehensive range of batteries with more than 100 sizes and models for household and industrial use. Major categories of Power Stations batteries are : Power Stations Limited 1.Button Cell: AG3 AG13 CR2032 CR2025 CR435 CR425, LCP425, BR425, BR435, 2.Alkaline Battery :LR03 LR50 LR61 23A 27A 3.Carbon Zinc Battery :R03p R1p R14 R20 6F22 4.Lithium Battery :CR123A CR2 L91 L92 2CR5 CRP2 5.Rechargeable Battery: NimH , Nicd 2700mAh 2500mAh 1200mAh 1000mAH 6.Battery part :Battery holder , battery pins 7.Charger :Fast Charger Alkaline Button cell 1.5V (AG) : AG1, AG2, AG3 LR41, AG4 , A626 , 625A , AG5, AG6.AG7.AG8, AG9, AG10 LR1130.AG11, AG12, AG13 LR44 377 , 1130 , Remote control 12V (Alarm battery 12V) 23A , 27A , 4LR44, 4SR44 , 11A, 10A, A23, VA23A, MS21, MN21, L0128 Silver Oxide 377 , 1130 SR44 SR41 Lithium Button cell 3.0V CR1130 CR632 CR816, CR1025, CR927, CR920, CR626 CR1212, CR1220, CR1216, CR1225 CR1616, CR1620, CR1625 , CR1632, CR2016, CR2025, CR2032 , CR2020, CR2012 CR2330 , CR2325, CR2320, CR1625, CR2332 , CR2430, CR2450, CR2477, CR3032, Fishing cell 3.0V or LED cells CR435 CR425 CR525 CR535 CR313 CR319 CR332 CR316 CR209 LCP435, LCP425, BR322, BR316, BR311, BR425, BR435, BR209, LCP209, HA-947, Panasonic BR425 .Panasonic BR435 LED Battery R316, R327, R435 Lithium Cylindrical battery 3.0V CR123A , CR2, 2CR5, CRP2 , CR1/3N Dry battery LR03 AAA UM4 AM4 R03 LR6 AA UM3 AM3 R6 LR50 PC1A PX1 EPX1 V1PX, RM1N L91 L92 LR1 N LR14 UM2 AM2 C LR20 AM1 UM1 D 6F22 6LR61 pp3 6LR22 9V , R03p R6p R14p R20 R1p 6F22 Zinc Air for hearing aid and pager 1.4V battery A10, 10, ZA10, P10 , PR70, A13, 13, ZA12, P13, PR48. A312, 312, ZA312, P312, PR41, A675, 657, ZA675, P675, PR44. NiMh , Ni Cd rechargeable Lithium Ion battery 18650 2000mAh , 2200mAh 18650 ER14250 , ER14505

Company Name : Power Stations Limited


Products of Power Stations Limited

BR425 BR435

BR425 BR435
Car Alarm battery 12V 23A 27A

Car Alarm battery
12V 23A 27A

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