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E-Solution InfoTech

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E-Solution InfoTech

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Data Conversion, Data Processing, Data Entry, Insurance Claim Form Filling, Scanning, Image Indexing, XML Conversion.

Description :

E-solution InfoTech is a new e-service company set in Baroda by young vibrant entrepreneurs. We have a strong team of people who can provide turnkey BPO solutions to industries like healthcare, mortgage property related data processing, and Data Conversion specialized in PDF to Complete XML Conversion. We view ourselves as growth drivers rather than just outsourcing partners of our clients. Injecting predictability in each aspect of our operations, we offer top-of-the-line solutions that are marked with consistency, reliability and quality. Experienced quality controllers will be performing the final quality of documents processed by operators before submission to client. The output data will be submitted to clients in the format specified by the client. Work Culture E-solution InfoTech offers flexible work hours, part-time options, and multiple-shifts so that employees can find the right balance between work and home. Moreover, “interactive sessions” like self-improvement programs, self-image building training, attitude sessions as well as various cultural and entertainment programs will be organized throughout the year. These include events like sports tournaments, picnics, music workshops, trekking expeditions and more. CONFIDENTIALITY Each of E-solution InfoTech's employee is required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Special procedures are in place to protect data privacy and security. Where Quality Meets Integrity At E-solution InfoTech, quality is standard procedure. Stringent quality checks will be implemented at each stage of operation, to ensure high levels of accuracy. A highly dedicated and skilled workforce, backed by extensive training, result in faster turnaround times, better cost effectiveness, and increased quality. Our accuracy level is 99.5% in the critical fields of data capture. Quality Policy The E-solution InfoTech business model is based on a platform of steadfast work ethics, transparent business practices and unflinching customer orientation: the elements which synergize to make a partnership enduring and endearing. This combined with our desire to go that extra mile to meet, and exceed, our clients’ expectations, which can lead us to earn the trust and confidence of our clients. Today, E-solution InfoTech is a leading e-service company in Baroda. Our extensive resources and sound financials are backed by new age HR Policy. Projects 1. Data Conversion. -Scanning, Image Processing. -Specialized in data conversion from PDF to XML in four different phases: Phase I: Extraction from PDF to Word using worlds best OCR Abbyy Fine-reader 8 Professional. Phase II: Pre-Tagging in formatted word file includes all XML Tags as per rules against DTD. Phase III: Conversion from Pre-tagged word to XML with fully well-formed and validation. Phase IV: Quality Checking includes content validation using special input Comparison with output Technique. -Image capturing using Adobe Photoshop. 2. Healthcare / Insurance Claims Processing. -HCFA 1500 Claims Forms (Black & Red) HCFA-1500 (Black & Red), UB92 (Black & Red), and ADA Claims are processed daily in large volume. -UB92, UB04 Claims Forms (Black & Red) -Indexing Such as NH, NA, Miscellaneous -EOB KFI-Verify 3. Mortgaged Property Related Data Processing -Scanning, Image Processing, Downloading -Data Conversion from .tiff to PDF -Indexing of document by their Book No, Page No and CFN No. -Data Capturing and Data management -Quality Control Infrastructure The E-solution InfoTech is based in heart of the city. We have 1400 Sq.Ft of area. At this initial stage we have establish a well-furnished setup of 30 Terminals, and workforce of 25 young experienced technocrats. And our goal is first to reach to 50+ terminals with workforce of 45 Young Ambitious Technocrats in a very short span.

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