Wallsun Photoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

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Wallsun Photoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

Wallsun Photoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd



Wallsun Photoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

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LED lamp

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Wallsun Photoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Registration No.:4419002359823) is a professional LED product manufacturer founded by the strategic partners and the experienced professionists and experts on management of international trade and marketing, domestic trade and marketing, export-import documents and certificates, logistic and shipping, manufacturing, product R&D, marketing management, enterprise business consultancy, finance, etc. to manage (Marketing+R&D+Manufacturing) green and energy- saving semicon lighting and photoelectron hi-tech products (LED application products for night-scene-sight-brightening projects, LED application products for photoelectron lighting , LED application products for photoelectron display screens, LED semicon photoelectron devices and assemblies, Photoelectron / Electron microcontrollers) and microelectron-photoelectron-computer- infoprocessing technology integrated application projects( LED night-scene- sight-brightening projects and LED display screen systems). Wallsun has an experienced management team, five management centers (Marketing Management Center, R&D Management Center, Manufacturing Management Center, Engineering Project Management Center and Clients Service Management Center) were separately established in the national economy forelands of South China and in the national semicon lighting industrialization base of East China for making strategic partners optimize their sources, mutually supplement advantage and professionally operate businesses.Keep Paramount Faith, Honor Clients, Make Strategic Partners, and Sustain win-wins is our Business philosophy taken to create value and profit for the benefit-related parties。 Leading Products: LED Application Products for Night-Scene-Sight-Brightening Projects:Full/single-color pixel profile-outline tube light, Full/single-color digital profile-outline tube light, star-shape light, rainbow tube light, digital wall-built-in light, high-power light-cast light, ground-built-in light, lawn-decorating light, underwater light, fountain-decorating light, courtyard-decorating light, strange-shape decorating lights, etc. LED Application Products for Photoelectron Lighting(Lamp/Light Sources): Automobile light/lamp, reading /table light/lamp, road light(street lamp), solar-energy light/lamp, break-resistance light/lamp(including mine light/lamp), military-special light/lamp, flashlight, focus lamp/light, spotlight, shoot light/lamp, light/lamp for emergency, electric torch, light/lamp for cultural relic and artwork, light/lamp for beautifying leathers and jewelry, light/lap for medical purposes, light/lamp for crop growth, etc. LED Application Products for Photoelectron Display Screens: LED modules, LED pixel tubes. LED Semicon Photoelectron Devices Assemblies: integrated infrared remote receiving amplifier, infrared LED, ultra bright LED, general bright LED, Chip LED, LED digital display module, special LED display, back light source, photocoupler, photo-MOS relay, photosensor, photosensitive LED, etc. LED Photoelectron/Electron Microcontroller:Photoelectron remote control emitter, Photoelectron remote control receiver, Photoelectron remote control air-condition controller, refrigeratory controller, washer controller, electrical water heater controller, micro-wave oven controller, electrical source controller, sport equipment controller, TV-STB(TV -Set Top Box)controller, and other audio-photo-electronic micro-controller, etc. Microelectron-Photoelectron-Computer-Infoprocessing Technology Integrated Application Projects: LED Night-Scene- Sight-Brightening Projects: Nigh-scene sight brightening design, product- combination optimization, installation and maintenance; LED display screen system project: Design, Manufacturing, installation and maintenance of indoor/outdoor single/dual/full-color display screen systems, traffic signal light system

Company Name : Wallsun Photoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd


Products of Wallsun Photoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd


LED soft tube lamp

LED soft tube lamp

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