Boshan Mengyou Tempered Glass

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Boshan Mengyou Tempered Glass

Boshan Mengyou Tempered Glass



Boshan Mengyou Tempered Glass

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tempered glass tableware

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Boshan Mengyou Tempered Glass Brief Introduction Boshan Mengyou Tempered Glass specializes in the research, production and distribution of glass and its extensional product. There are 216 employees in our company, and 9 engineers among them. Boshan Mengyou Tempered Glass makes tempered glassware of high arc, hyperbolic surface and atactic shapes. We make series of tempered glass varieties, including tempered glass lampshade for trains and ships, large spotlights, piazza lights, street lamp, lawn lamps and traffic lights. We also produce tempered glass pot lids and covers of apparatus and instruments. Tempered glass tableware is our leading product. We researched and developed this kind of products ourselves. Its invention patent number in China is No.200510045417.0. Our products are environmental and high-transparent, with no mark of mold. They are lead-free, chrome-free, easy to be cleaned and shock resistant. Their intensity is 5-6 times greater than normal glass tableware. When they are dropped from a height of 1.2 meters onto a concrete floor, they wonft crack or chip. Our products are able to withstand temperature as high as 662 Fahrenheit, and rapid heating and cooling within a range of 180 degree. They are ideal accessories for microwave, oven and dishwasher. Now you can find MDY tempered glass tableware in more than 100 countries and regions around the world and we have won favorable responses from our customers at home and abroad.

Company Name : Boshan Mengyou Tempered Glass


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