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VJ Engineering Trading & Services

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VJ Engineering Trading & Services

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Dry ice Blasting Equipment

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We wish to inform you about Dry Ice Blasting Equipment as per details given below: Many still use conventional method of using solvent to manually remove coatings such as paint, glue, tar or simply dirt from their machines. Well, now companies can opt for a new cleaning process without having to use the hazardous chemicals or solvent. "They can use dry ice blasting. "It uses small, compact dry ice pellets as the blasting material to remove the unwanted coatings and keep the equipment clean, " dry ice blasting technology was originally used for aircraft and space shuttles and was now available for industry use. The dry ice blasting, which is a relatively new cleaning process, uses solid CO2 pellets known as dry ice. It is primarily for industrial use in a variety of applications. The pellets turn into carbon dioxide and evaporate into the air, leaving no residue. "The pellets which are about the size of rice grains are accelerated in a jet or compressed air similar to that used in traditional blasting methods. "But unlike other blasting methods, the dry ice will vaporise on contact with the surface, leaving nothing but the debris which can be removed easily. The dry ice pellets are shot to the surface of the equipment at the speed of sound, thus cracking the coating. The low temperature of the dry ice pellets makes the coating brittle, loosening its strength and later removed from the surface. Other methods of cleaning, the dry ice blasting does not use any solvent and could be used to remove almost all types of coatings such as adhesive, varnish, oil, grease, coal dust, bitumen and soot. The pressure of the blasting is controlled depending on the surface and the type of coatings to be removed. "It is non-abrasive and the surfaces are therefore treated gently, making it possible to be used on easily damaged surfaces. "The users can also clean their equipment while in operation without dismantling them, " various nozzles were available for efficient cleaning. It is also environmentally friendly and cost-effective as it does not leave any cleaning by-product, thus eliminating the need for waste treatment and disposal. Companies could either lease the equipment or purchase them. The company also provides training and customer-support for clients. The use of dry ice blasting technology to clean industrial machines and equipment... For more details, call us or email us...

Company Name : VJ Engineering Trading & Services


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Dry Ice blasting Equipment

Dry Ice blasting

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