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E Cube India Solutions Limited

E Cube India Solutions Limited



E Cube India Solutions Limited

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vending machines, Smartcards, Management Systems

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We E Cube India Solutions Limited are the pioneer in Smart Card technology and vending machines in India. With comprehensive and integrated solutions, E Cube India develops, produce, market and support based on Smart Card technology. We are an embedded technology solutions provider, focusing on M-Commerce applications based on Smart Card and GSM technologies. E Cube India provides M-Commerce Gateway with Mobile Communications Hub (McHub), Multi Transaction Processing System (MTPS) and Backend Connectivity. Products: our product portfolio includes SmartCash:- is cash in electronic form.Physically, it is a Smart Card and technologically it is a secured protocol for electronic cash embedded in a microchip with the capability of multiple usages. SmartCell:-provides an effective M-Commerce platform with its wide range support, spanning from Mobile banking to Taxi fare payment. It takes care of security aspects of system to protect the user identity and transaction details. WIRELESS COMMUNICATOR: The wireless communicator is a system to enhance the communication channel between supplier or service provider and Client or Customer. SmartCorp:- is also known as "Resource Control Management System (RCMS)", which is a flexible, economical and configurable to support from 10 users to 100, 000 users based, hence suitable to most of the organizations needs. Vending machines is a form of automated merchandising that offers unmatched convenience to the consumer. E Cube India offers a vast range of vending machines, which can dispense packaged snacks, cold drinks & hot beverages. A wide range of Vending Machine Product line /Types which are mainly: Snack Machine Cold Drink Machine Hot Beverage Machine Hot Snack Machine Add-on Machine Micro Machine Smartgain:-A cost effective Smart Card based loyalty program which eliminates the pain and encumbrances associated with tracking purchase, usage and redemption. An excellent tool to build brand equity. Loyalty Programs AD Hoc Loyalty Multiple Partner Loyalty Programs Loyalty Club READERS:Integral to E Cube India's elegant and cost-effective solutions are our robust, user-friendly readers. Designed and developed specially to perform in harsh tropical climates, these readers have undergone rigorous field-testing and are manufactured under stringent quality control. E Cube India can integrate its readers into various equipment like copier machines, petrol pumps etc. for complete automation and unmanned operations. Range PC Readers Smart Corp Access Control and Attendance Reader Standalone Access Control Reader Point-of-Sale Terminal Smart Cash Point-of-Sale Terminal POS Terminal (Smart Card) POS Terminal (Magnetic Stripe Card) POS Terminal (Smart Card, Magnetic Stripe Card & Mobile Payment) Smart Vend Vending Machine Readers- 3 (Three) different type of Payment Acceptance Devices/Readers to integrate with Vending Machine Coin Reader (Coin Operated Vending Machine) Smart Card Reader (Smart Card Operated Vending Machine) GSM Reader (Mobile "GSM" Operated Vending Machine) Smart Gain Point-of-Sale Terminal SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE Services: E Cube India is committed to provide a high level of support to its customers through its service network to ensure timely response. Options E Cube India offers various Support and Maintenance packages that will suit the needs of your organization and help to protect the value of your investment. Maintenance Maintenance packages are offered for all products, to be subscribed separately. CUSTOMIZATION E Cube India's customization and personalization services help customers to get customized products in accordance with their requirements and necessity.

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Vending Machines

Vending Machines

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