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Metaminds Global

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Web Site, Middle Tier and Database application development.

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Metaminds with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina is a leading provider of World Class IT services. Metaminds has a total of 6 years experience in executing Onsite-Offshore Projects with very good track record and propelled to great heights of talent, vision, success and skill sets in a very short span of time. Metaminds reflects a phenomenal combination of commitment to relationships, quality and diverse capabilities. Metaminds has always exceeded the customer expectations with the philosophy of reliability, integrity, and unyielding commitment to its customer. The software knowledge and project approach that Metaminds brings to this project is unequaled in the industry. Metaminds has strong technical background and vast IT management experience. It targets customers worldwide and offers services at convenient costs. Metaminds strength lies in the fact that it gives an early emphasis on cost reduction and enable its clients to focus on core competencies and gain access to skilled resources, thus gaining a competitive advantage. Metaminds has immense exposure in the area of Mobile Application Development, E-Business solutions like Web Site, Middle Tier and Database application development. Metaminds brings strategy, brand and technology experts together in a single team. Opportunities are provided for people with strong technical background. Metaminds Provides high quality and competitive Cost-effective solutions to its clients which is possible by its Presence of Offshore/Overseas Development unit in India. Metaminds believes in giving a transparent picture to its clients with clearly defined contracts and service levels and an organization assigning dedicated resources to manage outsourcing requirements. Metaminds has a team structure that unites all competency experts in one team to drive the convergence of business, brand and technology from the start of the project to the launch and beyond. The team takes overall responsibility for successful project delivery, and doesn't 'compartmentalize' activities or results in any way, shape or form. This means a truly integrated approach that enables you to discuss any aspect of a project with us.

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