Capro Labs Exports India Pvt. Ltd

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Capro Labs Exports India Pvt. Ltd

Capro Labs Exports India Pvt. Ltd



Capro Labs Exports India Pvt. Ltd

Description :

Company Profile, objectives, infrastructure: Capro Labs Exports India Pvt. Ltd. Was established in the year 1986 started with the sole purpose of providing cure to all fellow human from all possible ailments with help of the ancient science "Ayurveda". Capro has grown to possess 25 plus excellent formulations covering major segments for all chronic diseases. Capro Labs is the pioneer in bringing Ayurvedic proprietary formulations in the "Capsule form". Our obsession for excellence and quality matching with the modern standards and drug system has made Capro Labs a force to reckon with latest sophisticated equipment and machinery are utilised in the all departments to ensure and establish highest quality and standards. As a company, which has never compromised on quality, in this transient business environment despite the toughest challenges, it has been our endeavor to pursue fresh ideas and we hope to find cure for diseases like AIDS etc. In near future. Product List 1. ARJIT: AN ANTI-RHEUMATIC, ANTI INFLAMMATORY 2. ARJIT FORTE: AN ANTI-RHEUMATIC, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOR SEVERE AND CHRONIC CASES 3. ARJIT LINIMENT: AN ANALGESIC/ANTI-INFLAMMATORY LINIMENT 4. BRONCAP: AN ANTI-ASTHMATIC 5. CHYAVANCAP: A HERBAL HEALTH TONIC AND REJUVENATOR FOR ALL 6. CARDIRAKSH: A CARDIO-PROTECTIVE TONIC 7. DIUCAP: FOR URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS BURNING MICTURITION, RENTAL COLIC, STONES IN KIDNEY, BLADDER DISTURBANCES AND AS AN EFFECTIVE DIURETIC. 8. EPDERM: AN EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR VITILIGO, PSORIASIS, LEUCODERMA IN EARLY STAGE, ECZEMA AND ALLERGIC SKIN AILMENTS 9. GID: AN EFFECTIVE REMEDY FOR GASTRO INTESTINAL DISORDERS 10. GID PLUS: FOR CHRONIC STUBBORN GASTRO-INTESTINAL DISORDERS 11. GLYCEM: AN ANTI-DIABETIC 12. HEPACAP: TO PROTECT AND TREAT LIVER 12. HAIRICH OIL: A HAIR TONIC 13. HAIRICH CAPSULE: AN ORAL HAIR TONIC 14. LUCAP: FOR LEUKORRHEA, DYSMENORRHEA, MENORRHAGIA, AND AS AN EFFECTIVE UTERINE TONIC 15. MEMOCAP: A SAFE EFFECTIVE MEMORY AND NERVINE TONIC 16. PYLAPY: AN ORAL THERAPY FOR PILES 17. RATHI: A NON-HORMONAL SAFE EFFECTIVE SEX REJUVENTATOR 18. REF: FOR TREATMENT OF OBESITY 19. SISTHUTONE: A PAEDIATRIC GENERAL TONIC FOR INFANTS & CHILDREN 20. VATHAPY: AN EFFECTIVE THERAPY FOR PARITAL AND FULL PARALYSIS. 21. SPIRULINEX: A COMPLETE HEALTH FOOD SUPPLIMENT 22. ABCAP: ANTI-BIOTIC 23. OPCAP: TREAT ALL OPTHALMIC RELATED DISEASES 24. SHISHUTONE: TONIC FOR INFANTS & YOUNG CHILDREN

Company Name : Capro Labs Exports India Pvt. Ltd


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