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Asiatic Medallion

Asiatic Medallion



Asiatic Medallion

Description :

Enrich your atmosphere of worship! Embellish your thoughts with divine beings! Meditate on the mysteries of the universe... With silver medallions of religious symbols!! We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading manufacturer of pure silver (.999) & gold (99.5) medals/key chains & pendants etc. For commemorative occasions with elegant packing. A special gift for all occasions which will be cherished by all as asiatic medallions offers a scantling array of world's most sought-after personalities and symbols, in exclusively designs, dexterously - chiseled, immaculately - executed and attractively presented with resplendent, mirror-finish get -up. You may be looking quite often for an attractive gift item for either your share holders - customers - employees - friends - relatives etc. On various occasions like anniversaries, opening of a new branch or scheme, birthday etc. With your logo or personal message. We also make medallions of "god" series (refer our list). We can make pure silver portrait medals for you personal deity/guru/or loved ones - a mark of respect for them. Various medals to grace different occasions in personal life such as mehendi/thread/mundan ceremony - valentine day/mothers day/and many others. A special gift for all occasions which will be cherished by all. Custom designed coins can build company moral, award individual corporate accomplishments or make that special occasion even more special coins are a moment to that stays with the person for years to come. What better reminder of the integrity of your corporate logo. Every silver medallion from asiatic medallion is a connoisseur's delight, a banker's investment, a jeweller's hard cash, a priest's blessings, a household heritage, a lady's treasure and everybody's proud possession! When such good occasions arise we can guide you in making design and manufacture as per your requirement.

Company Name : Asiatic Medallion


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