Helpan Baking Machinery SRL

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Helpan Baking Machinery SRL

Helpan Baking Machinery SRL



Helpan Baking Machinery SRL

Description :

Producers of ciclothermic ovens, thermoventilated ovens and pizza ovens, our offer of helpan machines(certified by the quality system ISO 9001) is entirely designed for the modernisation of the bakery and pastry production equipment: Industrial continuous bakery lines with tunel oven for 10-30 t/day Complete lines with deck ovens(ciclothermic or with steam tubes) Rotary oven lines, on convection Industrial lines for gluten and sugar biscuits 10-20 t/day Industrial lines for crackers, salatini biscuits Medium and small capacity lines for producing gluten and sugar biscuits Lines for producing small cakes, fancy cakes Modernisation of the mixing, division, forming, moulding and proofing sections for the existing tunel ovens Pastry lines including thermoventilated, convection or deck ovens Complete pizza lines Equipment for covering biscuits and small cakes in chocolate Lines for producing short pasta pf small, medium and industrial capacity Packaging and wrapping machines for bakery and pastry products Valuable data, rentability plans, complete economic studies concerning the production of bread, pastry, pizza and pasta The quality of our equipment and of the service provided is relevant in this field, accounted for by some of our most important clients: Pan group craiova - new technology for 14 bakery lines, proofers for tunel ovens, pastry lines, small cakes/fancy cakes machine, plant for producing salatini-crackers biscuits, plant for producing short pasta Aluta slatina - new technology for 6 bakery lines, proofers for tunel ovens, pastry lines, modernisation with a padovani rotary stamping machine adapted to a line for producing gluten biscuits 10 t/day Velpitar(berceni) bucharest - new technology for 8 bakery lines, proofers, tunel oven, pastry lines, modernisation with an errebi rotary stamping machine to a line for producing gluten biscuits 10 t/day Mopan suceava, new technology for the dividing, forming, moulding sections Begapam timisoara - biscuit line modernisation Armopan arad - complete line for producing pasta, small cakes/fancy cakes line Alia craiova, coreal craiova, come in ltd constantza, argpan curtea de arges, etc. Lines with rotary ovens, deck ovens, etc. Even since 1991 - the year we emerged on this market - our company payed a lot of respect to certain facts such as: Quality and professional approach; Technical solutions based on advanced technology; Quick and efficient technical assistance for the guarantee period and after Competitive prices. In order to comply with our customers' possibilities we hereby propose even a partial payment plan through a romanian bank like brd - sg, or a combined leasing system. Technology masters the future. Helco is technology. Our production facilities and capabilities include: Adequate facilities: A. production-area :3620 qm B. spare parts store :103 qm(partly with second floor) C. machine store :210 qm D. show rooms :180 qm Adequate professional equipment: lathes milling machines welding machines mig-mag, tig weldings thryodine weldings slotting machine apkant plate bending machine drilling machine with pillar lifting machines type palan, and other various types of equipment Suppliers: Exclusive representance for romania: Zucchelli forni spa, logiudice forni srl, pfm spa, bvt bakery services holland Biggest distributor in eastern europe for: Gierre srl, mimac srl, turri f. Lli srl Distributors for: Conti snc, star mix srl, rollmatic srl, OEM spa, berto italia Collaboration with: Padovani srl, laser srl, imaforni spa, etc. Technology masters the future. Helco means technology.

Company Name : Helpan Baking Machinery SRL


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