Huo Yue Co. Ltd (X-treme Bounce Co. Ltd. )

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Huo Yue Co. Ltd (X-treme Bounce Co. Ltd. )

Huo Yue Co. Ltd (X-treme Bounce Co. Ltd. )



Huo Yue Co. Ltd (X-treme Bounce Co. Ltd. )

Description :

We are HOU YAO Co. Ltd. Bounce Co. Ltd. ) Our company is located in Taiwan. We manufacture Bungy Trampolines. Bungy Trampolines are an active sport apparatus that let you enjoy jumps up to 9 meters high in a safe and controlled environment. The jumper steps onto a trampoline mat, while on it he/she is secured to a jumping harness (3 point harness) then in each side of the waist(left and right) on the harness we attach bungy cords to climbing carabiners, from there a winch is used to pull and expand the bungy cords, the bungee cords take most of the weight of the person this allow him/her to execute amassing jumps, flips and other maneuvers almost effortless up to 9 meters high. There are no age limits for participating on this fun activity sporting machine " if you can walk then you can Jump". We export worldwide, but our main business partners are in Europe and in North and South America. Main buyers are amusement parks, department stores, individuals who want to start with a new very profitable fun business, party and events agencies, water parks, zoo, side beach resorts, skiing resorts, hotels, club resorts, golf camps, and many others We Produce two models of Bungy Trampolines. The MONO BUNGY TRAMPOLINE(MXB) and FOUR IN ONE BUNGY TRAMPOLINES(FXB). The MXB is composed of one jumping mat or one station, allowing one jumper at the time. The FXB is a four stations Bungy Trampoline that allows four people to jump at the same time in different stations.

Company Name : Huo Yue Co. Ltd (X-treme Bounce Co. Ltd. )


Products of Huo Yue Co. Ltd (X-treme Bounce Co. Ltd. )

Mono Bungy Trampoline (MXB)

Mono Bungy
Trampoline (MXB)
FXB Bungee Trampoline

FXB Bungee

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