Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co. Ltd

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Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co. Ltd

Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co. Ltd



Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co. Ltd

Description :

Shanghai San Ying Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of laminate packaging material in China. Founded in March 1992, Shanghai San Ying is a joint venture established with investments from 4 enterprises including Sun A enterprise (Virgin) Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Co., Ltd., and Toppan Printings Co., Ltd. Our property is over 7.2 hectares and we have total investments of nearly USD950, 000, 000. We are dedicated to the production and sale of laminate packaging, covering a wide range of food packaging, packaging for chemical products and for daily use, and medicine packaging. Decades of experience in laminate packaging production, wide association with international corporations including DuPont and Dow from the U.S.A, Mitsubishi, Sun A Kanken, and Toppan printing from Japan, make a strong research force that have helped us to develop standup pouches, high temperature retort pouches, vacuum pouches, microwave packaging and easy-open peel-able lids. With the multi-substrate technology, the same team developed environmental packaging that meets international standards, including aluminum and plastic laminate tubes and plastic laminate tubes. Tens of Swiss AISA tubing machines and KMK tubing machines were imported producing 1.3 billion laminated tubes annually. In medicine packaging, we established 100, 000-level workshops of printing, cutting and pouch making according to national standards of medical packaging material. Super-clean benches moisture and oxygen penetration instruments were purchased to put the entire production process in control. A nationwide marketing network has been established through seven branches in Guangzhou, Liuzhou, Wuzhou, Changsha, Nanchang, Chongqing, dandong and four offices in Beijing, Chongqing, Wuhan, Guangzhou. The network reaches the entire nation from the hub in Shanghai, providing great improvement in lowering operation cost and satisfying clients' needs, putting into practice our concept of "contribution to society, and returning profits with our hard work". Our superior quality and service has earned us a number of renowned clients including: Unilever, Nestle, President, Nisson, Taishang, Shanghai Huayuan, Labixiaoxin, Shanghai Lifeng in the food industry; Liuzhou LMZ, Chongqing Luclean, Tianjin Lantian Liubizhi, Wuzhou Aoliqi, Jiangsu Longliqi, Nanchang Caoshanhu, Changsha Lichen, Guangzhou Mingren in the toothpaste industry; and pharmaceutical enterprises such as Shanghai Johnson, Wuhan Ma Yinglong, Mebo International, Chitai Qingchunbao, United Laboratories, Sanjiu Medical and Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Hualian, Minsheng Pharmaceutical, Aodong Pharmaceutical, Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine, Huiren Pharmaceutical, Four Rings Pharmaceutical, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical, and YZJ Pharmaceutical.

Company Name : Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co. Ltd


Products of Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co. Ltd

Laminated Aluminum Tube

Laminated Aluminum
Standing Pouch

Standing Pouch

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