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MAHA Corporation Sell KLENZ shoe sanitizer

MAHA Corporation


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Sell KLENZ shoe sanitizer - Feb, 10 2009

** Multi functional use **

Due to non poisonous properties of nano silver, this product can be used for Many sanitizing purposes other than shoes.

From baby goods to kitchen utensils, you name it. Klenz will protect your Familys health from unhealthy micro organisms attack.

** Distinctive feature **
High sanitizing and deodorizing efficiency. - kills 99.7 % bacteria and fungi Fast acting - fan maximizes the sanitizing and deodorizing inside of shoes.
Safety - non poisonous, non stimulating, non allergic and tolerance free.
Low maintenance cost - can be operated for more than 10 years without Changing parts & very low electric consumption.

Easy to install and use & elegant design

* Specification *
Power input: Ac 110v~240v, 50hz~60hz ( dc 12v 600ma)
Size:320 x 375 x 250
Available color: Walnut, Blue.

Company Name : MAHA Corporation