Sell Wheel Barrow (WB4010/WB4502)

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Linyi Fengtai Hardware Co.,LTD Sell Wheel Barrow (WB4010/WB4502)

Linyi Fengtai Hardware Co.,LTD


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Sell Wheel Barrow (WB4010/WB4502) - Dec, 22 2010

Model: WB4010
Tyre Load: 14X3.50-8
Capacity: 130KG
Net Weight: 11.6KG
Water Capacity: 60L
Sand Capacity: 4CBF
L: 1440MM
H: 550MM
C: 550MM
A: 830MM
B: 680MM
H: 230MM

Wheel barrow/Hand Truck/Barrow/Trolley/Cart
Model; WB4502
Tyre Load: 13X3.00-8
Capacity: 160KG
Net Weight: 11.8KG
Water Capacity; 66L
Sand Capacity: 4.5CBF
L: 1440MM
H: 480MM
C: 510MM
A: 898MM
B: 636MM
H: 298MM

Wheel barrow/Hand Truck/Barrow/Trolley/Cart
Model: WB6007P
Tyre Load: 3.50-8
Capacity: 150KG
Net Weight: 13.6KG
Water Capacity: 84L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
L: 1500MM
H: 615MM
C: 550MM
A: 1020MM
B: 680MM
H: 340MM

Wheel barrow/Hand Truck/Barrow/Trolley/Cart
Model: WB6102
Tyre Load: 4.00-8
Capacity: 150KG
Net Weight: 20.5KG
Water Capacity: 100L
Sand Capacity: 6CBF
L: 1510MM
H: 505MM
C: 550MM
A: 980MM
B: 655MM
H: 370MM

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