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GBPI Packaging Instruments Co.,Ltd box compression tester

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box compression tester - Jul, 08 2010

Function and usage
The instrument is designed and manufactured as per the provision of GB/T16491 and conforms to the requirements of GB4857.4 transport packaging case pressure test, GB/T4857.16 transport packaging case stowage test and ISO2872 and ASTMD642 pressure tests. It is applicable to carry out proof pressure, deformation and stowage tests for soft package cases with corrugated cases, honeycomb crates, and other packaging cases.
Technical specification
1.Maximum load: 20KN
2.Accuracy rating: Grade 1
3.Effective force measurement range: 0.4%-100%
4.Force measurement precision : Within ±0.5% of indicated value
5.Test force resolution: ±120000 codes without internal and external branching, and the resolution remains constant in the whole course.
6.Effective testing space: 800mm*800mm* 9600mm
7.Range of test speed: 0.01-200mm/min (stepless speed changing)
8.Speed accuracy: Within ±1% of the indicating value.
9.Accuracy of displacement measurement: Within ±1% of the indicating value.
10.Device layout: a host computer
11.A brand computer, and a A4 color ink jet printer (optional)

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