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bursting strength tester - Jul, 08 2010

Function It can measure the bursting strength of single or multi-layer paper , at the same time can be used to test the blasting degree of intensity about fabric, leather, cardboard, thin metal films .and it is the indispensable quality inspection equipment. To meet the QB/T1057-1998 "Bursting strength of paper and cardboard instrument", GB/T454-2002 "Determination of bursting strength of paper", ISO-2759, GB-6545, JIS-P8112, ASTM-D2210 and other standards. Using mark to transmission pressure , automatically save the maximum value of rupture strength , decomposition degree is 100 times more than the table needle.
Specifications Capacity: 100 (kg/cm2) Pressure indicator: Electronic LED light display Rupture strength indicator: Electronic LED light display Instructions of specimen to intensify pressure indication (can be set to step up force) On the clip ring hole diameter: 30.5 +-0.05mm Under the clip ring hole diameter: 33.1 +-0.05mm Hydraulic oil: glycerol 85%, distilled water 15% Hydraulic speed: 170 + -20cc/min Machine size: 57(L)cmX53(W)cmX50(H)cm Machine weight: 63kg
Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz

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