GM-1 coefficient of friction tester, lab equipments

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GBPI Packaging Instruments Co.,Ltd GM-1 coefficient of friction tester, lab equipments

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GM-1 coefficient of friction tester, lab equipments - Jul, 08 2010

Function and usage
It is applicable for the packaging trade, film plants, testing institutions and so on to measure the coefficient of static friction and dynamic friction while the materials, including plastic film, sheeting, and paper and so on, are sliding. Through measuring, we effectively judge the smoothness, opening and evenness of the film to instruct the production correctly. The products conform to the standards of GB1006 and ISO8295.

The product features has been identified for scientific and technological achievement:
Stable performance, precise test and convenient operation.It is equipped with supporting control software connected with the microcomputer and can print the moving curve and the test report of the sliding piece.It can determine the coefficients of static friction and dynamic friction and display them at the same time.

Technical specification

1、Sample thickness: ≤0.2mm
2、Sliding piece size: 63mm×63mm
3、Sliding piece mass: 200×2g
4、Working-table board size: 200mm×470mm
5、Digital display: Automatically display static friction and dynamic friction at the same time.
6、Measuring precision: ±2%
7、Velocity of sliding-piece movement: 100×10mm/min
8、Force measurement range: 0-2N
9、Power :AC 200V/50Hz
10、Data output interface: R232, a set of control software
11、External dimension: 470(L)mm ×300(W)mm ×300(H)mm
12、Weight: 20kg
13: Working table can be heated partially, and the heating temperature scope is from room temperature to 150℃ (the price is negotiated separately)

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