GB-M Leakage tester, airproof tester, lab equipments

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GBPI Packaging Instruments Co.,Ltd GB-M Leakage tester, airproof tester, lab equipments

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GB-M Leakage tester, airproof tester, lab equipments - Jul, 08 2010

Function and usage
Leakage tester is applicable for seal test of soft package case, plastic bottle and pot in food, pharmacy and commodity industries. The seal process and sealing performance of soft package cases can be compared and evaluated effectively through tests.

The instrument takes the compressed air as the product’s power supply, the vacuum generator as its energy transformation element, and the high-precision pressure sensor as its measurement method, and realizes many superior properties, such as fast vacuum speed, high precision, digital setting of test parameters and the sequencing of digital display in test process, and so on, through microcomputer control. The pneumatic system elements adopt the products from Japanese enterprises, so that the performance is stable and the operation is reliable. The flawless function setting can meet various test demands stipulated by standards.

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