GBB-F FIVE point heating seal tester

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GBPI Packaging Instruments Co.,Ltd GBB-F FIVE point heating seal tester

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GBB-F FIVE point heating seal tester - Jul, 08 2010

Function and usage
Model GBB-F Five-point heating sealing tester can set 5 different temperature points to do heat sealing, select the optimal heat healing temperature and can also set the same temperature to speed up the heat sealing.Has the certificate of CE.

Technical specification
1、Power : AC220V /50HZ ;
2、Compressed air: 8kg/cm2;
3、Heating seal plane: 300mm×10mm slick (With silicon pad in lower seal stick);
4、Heating seal temperature: room temperature 20~300°C (Precision 1°C);
5、 Heating seal time: 0.01s~99.99h;
6、Heating seal pressure: 0~0.8Mp;
7、Dimension: 700(H)mm×400(W)mm×540(H)mm;
8、Weight: 30kg;

Company Name : GBPI Packaging Instruments Co.,Ltd