Y41 series single column arber hydraulic press

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Dalian Tianneng Machinery Co.,Ltd Y41 series single column arber hydraulic press

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Y41 series single column arber hydraulic press - Feb, 27 2017

Type Y41 Series Single Column Arber Hydraulic Press is a kind if medium-small hydraulic press with multi-functions suitable for the calibration of the parts like bearings and moulding materials and for the arber of parts like bearings and sleeves, at the same time, the machine tool can also complete the technology function of bending, marking and shelling of plate material parts, and the tunction of stretching of simple parts, it can also be used to press powder and plastic products which the requirements are not strict.Type Y41 Series products are suitable for the flow assembly of machine tool, internal combustion textile machinery, axle, bearing, washing machine, automobile motor, air conditioner motor, electric appliance in military enterprise and jojnt venture enterprise.Our factory has a strong technical force and can meet any requirement from customer, such like technical parameter, specification and tonnage.

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