Electric motor cast aluminum hydropress series

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Dalian Tianneng Machinery Co.,Ltd Electric motor cast aluminum hydropress series

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Electric motor cast aluminum hydropress series - Feb, 27 2017

The aluminum-injected fluid drive(also the die caster) adopts the manual filling of aluminum and fan blade inlet of aluminum as controlled by the PC programming controller. It has three word orders of spot moving, manual and senti-auto, and the work is completed by a triple progress of slowly pressed spraying, fast pressed spraying and pressing. Once the die-casting is completed, the molding would bc cut automatically on the caster. The die caster is especially suitable for those Y-type motor and the die-casting for the similar motor rotors, while the 400KN die caster which mainly used for die-casting of the micro-motor rotors of the fan and washing machine in a small speciation needs no triple-progress of pressed spraying and the mold cut on the machine.
With the advantages of stable and reliable running, convenient operation and power saving, the die caster is widely welcomed by its customers

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