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Titan Engineering Pte Ltd Titanium Metal & Alloy Suppliers- Singapore

Titan Engineering Pte Ltd


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Titanium Metal & Alloy Suppliers- Singapore - May, 19 2010

Titan Engineering Pte Ltd is a Singapore based Stockists & Suppliers of Titanium mill materials to the various industries like aerospace, marine, medical component manufacturers, chemical processing factories and Precision Engineering Companies.

Our Range of Products are:

Titanium- Commercially pure(CP) grades
Titanium Ti6AL4V & ELI grades
Titanium Bars/ Rods
Titanium Sheets, foils
Titanium Pipes, tubes & fittings
Titanium Wires & welding rods
Titanium Fasteners
Titanium Powder
High Temperature Metals
Anodes for cathodic protection applications,
Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO) coated Titanium Anodes,
Platinum Coated Titanium Anodes
Anodes for Hydrogen car kits
Targets for thin film coating
Nickel Alloys Like Inconel & Monel
Inconel Fasteners.

We warmly welcome the opportunity of quoting on your needs, whether your requirement is large or small.

Best Regards!

Daniel Woo

Marketing Executive.

Company Name : Titan Engineering Pte Ltd