Robot intelligent vacuum cleaner

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Creatall International Co.,Ltd Robot intelligent vacuum cleaner

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Robot intelligent vacuum cleaner - Apr, 01 2010

Robot intelligent vacuum cleaner M788 Dirt-detect, UV lamp disinfection, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping at same time, extra-big dustbin, working date can be appointed, LED display, non-collision bumper Robot Vacuum Cleaner (M-788) Features: * The cleaner can detect the dirty area and increase the clean intensity during the cleaning process. * Automatically sweep, vacuum and mop the floors at the same time, It can pick up dirt, dust , pet hair and other debris. * The robot will search the charging base for recharging by itself when power is short or the cleaning task was finished. * It can be preset to work at the particular time of selected days no matter you are at home or not. * The robot will escape automatically by itself when it was stuck by the furniture bottom or something else * Wall-Following clean function provide a fantastic cleaning efficiency to the foot of wall and obstacle. * Remote Control is available.

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