Prices of Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mold Making

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MC silicone Prices of Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mold Making

MC silicone


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Prices of Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mold Making - Sep, 25 2015

How to make the silicone mold? Make sure the surface of the original is clean and free of loose material. Weight 100 Part A base and 2 parts of CA30 Curing Agent in a clean container. Stir Part A base silicone before use thoroughly, as filler separation may occur upon prolonged storage. Mix Part A and Part B evenly until the CA30 completely dispersed in the base. Pour the mixed Part A base silicone and CA-30 curing agent as soon as possible onto the original De-mold after 24 hours, it is will improve the replicate times of silicone mold. Note: It is strongly recommended that entrapped air be removed in a vacuum chamber, allowing the mix to completely expand and then collapse. After a further 1-2 mins under vacuum, the mix should be inspected and can be used if free of air bubbles. A volume increase of 3-5 times will occur on vacuum de-airing the mixture. So a suitably large container should be chosen. We are manufacturer, and specialized in manufacturing different hardness, different viscosity silicone rubber series, we are competitive in price with good quality.

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