giant external park abstract fiberglass landscape

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PIEDRA WORLD LIMITED giant external park abstract fiberglass landscape



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giant external park abstract fiberglass landscape - Dec, 22 2014

Why people Choose Fiberglass Sculpture:   LIVELY, ECONOMIC, LESS EXPENSIVE, LIGHT, MODERN, VARIOUS IN STYLES, SHAPES, COLORS AND FINISH!!   1. 1:1 Fiberglass sculpture sample will be provided for approval before actual production; certain period production photos will be provided during production. 2. Lively: Fiberglass can be more visual than other finish products, it can be done more details 3. Economic: Fiberglass is the most economic and best choice for the temporary public decoration, it can be kept outside for years. 4. Light: Fiberglass is lighter compared to other materials such as concrete and wrought iron, can save a lot in the courier expenses. 5. Easy and fast installation: Iron Frame will be put on the bottom of sculptures, it will be easily installed on job site; certain assembling instruction will be provided by sketch or photographs.