Sugar Cube making Machine

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teknikeller Makina Ltd. Sugar Cube making Machine

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Sugar Cube making Machine - Dec, 17 2013

We offer high quality Sugar Cube Press-Dryer units, auto and manual operation. Press is producing sugar cubes of required size by moulding sugar mass mixed with drinking water. On your request, each model can be modified by adding ovens, coolers and thus by extension of work area.
Mould size - 350 mm
Number of dryers- 2
Number of coolers - 1
Capacity per hour -125 to 167 kg.
Capacity per day -3 000 to 4 000 kg.
Working area:
Length - 9 m
Width - 2.5m
Height - 2.8 m
Crystal sugar size - 0.3 to 1.5 mm
Energy consumption - 4.5 kW
Water consumption/day - 40 litres
Operating personnel- 3
Water quality- drinking
Humidity -max 70%

Company Name : teknikeller Makina Ltd.