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NEC EPABX Supplier - Nov, 28 2012

Aspila Topaz -Smart Solutions, Simply Affordable
Aspila Topaz is a cutting-edge Digital Key Telephone System that accommodates immediate and emerging business requirements of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), small offices and home offices (SOHOs). The scalable intelligent telecommunication tool is designed to effectively and cost-efficiently meet the increasing needs of growing SMEs / SOHOs.
Aspila Topaz allows for expansion from the minimum of 3 trunks / lines and 8 extensions to the maximum of 27 trunks / lines and 72 extensions without compromising efficiency as your company grows.

Digital Architecture

Aspila Topaz's Non-Blocking System uses high performance digital switching architecture that allows limitless extension to extension and intercom calls simultaneously. It also supports Euro-ISDN BRI (Integrated Services Digital Network Basic Rate Interface)* that allows for the integration of voice and data via telephone networks.

Full Hybrid Ports
Aspila Topaz's Full Hybrid Ports allow seamless integration of single line telephones, proprietary key telephones, modems, facsimiles, answering machines and more. You have the choice to select the type of terminals that best fits your needs.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
Aspila Topaz's VoIP* feature is ready to take advantage of the converging world between voice and data communication by integrating and transmitting voice, fax and data over packet-switched IP-based networks.
Aspila Topaz supports both commonly used standards in IP communications, namely H323 and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)**.

Company Name : Pravira Computer-n-communication