BE2KVAS NETCCA True Sine Wave Inverter with LCD

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NETCCA Electronic Power BE2KVAS NETCCA True Sine Wave Inverter with LCD

NETCCA Electronic Power


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BE2KVAS NETCCA True Sine Wave Inverter with LCD - Sep, 12 2012

Designated as an OEM production enterprise and sales base in China by German NETCCA Electronic Power Co., Ltd, we devote ourselves to the development, production and sales of Pure Sinewave UPS, Offline UPS, lithium iron phosphate UPS, home INVERTER, Pure Wave Communication Power Supply, Moving Power Supply and so on. If you looking for continuous power protection then were here to help.Need a quotation or guidance with no obligation? No problemjust contact us. Contact person: Vipin Lu Address: No.55, JiLi Industrial Park, Nanzhuang, Foshan City, Guangdong, P.R.China Features: >>widescreen LCD display, check the working status at a glance; >>smart online design, high performance & configuration >>intelliget software management, keep PC data safe >>DC 48V design, extra long working time patterns >>approved for any tough environment(refrigerator, fan, drill, pump, ect) Field of application: office equipment, household appliances, communication equipment, bank, stock exchange, public security, traffic, medical facilities, electric power systems, postal system, taxation, industrial control system, railway, CHINA MOBILE, CHINA TELECOM, CHINAUNITCOM, central mechine room, national defense and so on. Equiqment of application: PC, printer(laser printer), lamp, duplicator, fax mechine, duplicator, cash counter, cardpunch, electric rolling gate, electric motor, compressor, relay, impact drill, refridge, air condition, light, lamphouse, Hi-Fi and so on.

Company Name : NETCCA Electronic Power