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Izmir Fig Packers Ltd Dried Figs, Cubed Figs, Fig Paste

Izmir Fig Packers Ltd


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Dried Figs, Cubed Figs, Fig Paste - Jun, 21 2017

Dried figs are one of the most “nutritive” food for all ages. It is the food containing the highest percentage of calcium, which is essential for children to build strong bones and teeth, and essential for grown ups for muscle control, specially for rhytmical heart beat. Dried figs are also very rich in other essential minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, iron. USDA Year Book Of Agriculture, names figs as the “nature’s most nearly-perfect food”.
Pleasant sweet taste of dried figs makes them the “Natural confection”. Dried figs continue to be the favourite item of Christmas trade.
Cubed figs are largely used in breakfeast cereals and muesli, as well as ice cream and all fruit cakes.
Figpaste is by large the most common ingredient of fruit filling of all fruit filled biscuits and fruit bars. Its economical price, makes figpaste a favourite ingredient for many bakery items, due its aromatic flavour and nice gradient brownish colour it adds to the item baked.
Turkey is the worlds biggest producer (60.000 tons) and exporter (50.000 tons) of dried figs. We are one of the main packers of dried figs, since 1923, and shall be very pleased to revert with details.

Company Name : Izmir Fig Packers Ltd