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Meditrust India Sell Interferential current therapy

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Sell Interferential current therapy - May, 28 2012

Interferential current therapy
Micro controller base for optimum accuracy. Five different stimulus current modes available: 4 Pole, 2 Pole, Vector 40 & Russian current. Digital display timer. ABS plastic shock proof cabinet. Special compact design for home visit, clinics, & Hospital. Up gradable software facility.
Carrier Frequency : 4 KHz Base AMF :0 to 150 Hz Sweep AMF: 0 to 100 Hz Therapy Mode:two , Four Pole, V100, V40 and Russian Intensity :0 to 100 MA Intensity Balance:20 %Timer : Presetable Digital Timer Main Supply:220 V A.C/50 Hz

Company Name : Meditrust India