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Sell of glove port (single port) - May, 17 2012

* Introduction

Glove Port is a manual retractor mainly used in laparoscopy. Glove Port holds back the edges of the incisions to insert the operative appliances and the endoscope into the body through Port caps.

* Advantages

1) Only 2~2.5cm incision is required.
So when you perform a surgery with Glove Port, Glove Port rarely remains scar.
2) Glove Port is applicable to all kinds of patients.
Glove Port is capable to adjust the height according to the thicknesses of the patients' abdominal walls, as sheet is able to be folded down by outer ring.
3) Wound Retractor is made of polyurethane.
Since Polyurethane is more sturdy and softer than silicone which is used in the previous products, Glove Port is not torn easily. In addition, the direction control is flexible so that curved instruments get inserted.
4) Easy to inject and emit CO2 gas.
Glove Port has the gas inlet and outlet separately.
5) High-elastic Port Cap
It lets 3~12mm instruments, endoscope and even Endo GIA inserted into Glove Port.
6) Convenient removal
With removal line and removal ring, Glove Port can be easily removed after the surgery.

Company Name : NELIS