Magnetostrictive Linear position sensors

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A and S Machinery CO.,Ltd Magnetostrictive Linear position sensors

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Magnetostrictive Linear position sensors - Dec, 23 2014

Brand: Gefran (100% from Italy)
1) Absolute transducer
2) Contactless transducer for longer lifetime
3) Strokes from 50 to 4000mm
4) Quick plug-in throught stainless steel connectors
5) Sliding or floating magnetic cursor
6) Direct analog output (mA/V) for displacement and speed
7) Cursor position: single or double (minimal distance 75mm)
8) Work temperature: -30...+75°C
9) Resistance to vibration (DIN IEC68T2/6 12g)
10) IP67 protection
11) EMI CE compatibility (EN 50081-2 50082-1)
12) Power supply 24Vdc ±20%
13) Improved internal structure with security set screws

Contactless linear position transducer with magnetostrictive technology.
The absence of electrical contact on the cursor eliminates all wear and guarantees almost unlimited life.
Compact size for simple installation.
Full protection against outside agents for use in harsh environments with high contamination and presence of dust.
Excellent linearity, repeatability, resistance to mechanical vibrations and shocks

A&S Tranding company Brief

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